The Film Axis Portal 

This site provides links to films made by the film companies: unFilm, Second Unit Productions, Film Axis, USGS, Avant-8, Semi/Quasi, Fruitpie, and Moist Films.

Films made by Douglas Harned:

Fiction, France, Family and Fscience.

Vimeo  –A somewhat complete set of films by Douglas Harned.

YouTube— A few others.

More YouTube— Even more films.

AGU Cinema –American Geophysical Union film festival films:

AGU Cinema showcases short videos—30 minutes or less in length—developed to disseminate scientific results to various audiences and to enhance learning in the classroom. AGU Cinema features professionally produced, big-budget films alongside low-budget videos aimed at niche audiences and made by amateurs. The latter category includes videos made by governmental agency scientists, educators, communications specialists within scientific organizations, and Fall Meeting oral and poster presenters. The films selected show the many ways that video is being used: as an educational tool, to document and present scientific results, to communicate science to wide audiences, and to enhance science. The annual festival is organized and presented by Dan Brinkhuis, Douglas Harned, a revolving group of Scientist/filmmaker/educators reviewers, and AGU.

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Films grouped by Subject:

The French Films

Films made by unFilm, and Film Axis.

Killer (1983), 13 Blackbirds (2004), Le Doppelganger (2005), I am the King of France (2006), Fin (2007), Pain (2007), Vin (2008), Beaux Gestes (2009), and Red, Rouge / Blue, Blu (2012).

unFiction, Fiction (Vimeo)

Films made by unFilm, Second Unit Productions, Film Axis, Avant-8, Semi/Quasi, Fruitpie, and Moist Films. 

U.S. Geological Survey Films (North Carolina Water-Science Center)

Films made for the USGS about water quality, habitat and stream restoration, modeling, sediment sampling, fracking, science communication, and interviews of USGS scientists.